As the leading alternative Land, Site and Property Investment finance firm in Ireland, Lotus Investment Group has provided funding for over 2500+ new homes across Ireland and lent out in excess of €300m to the Irish market. We have backed almost 200 projects in Leinster, Munster and Connaught on a deal by deal basis and typically we provide up to 70% LTV of the site or property purchase, and a further 70% of the cost of construction or refurbishment where application.

We look to create lasting long term funding partnerships with your Clients rather than once off transactional business, so we are very much focused on the needs of our Clients. We provide bespoke funding on a “non-personal recourse” basis and we never look for upside or equity in a project so you retain full ownership of the deal.

Funding areas we specialise in

  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Development
  • Residential Investments
  • Commercial Investments
  • Zoned Land Purchase
  • Fit Outs
  • Exits from loan funds
  • Equity Release
  • Refurbishments etc

Who we provide funding for

Typically our Clients are SME Property Developers, Builders, and Investors, some of which previously bared financial legacy scars from the fallout of the Celtic Tiger era. Although lately due to our growing reputation for excellence we have been attracting larger more institutional Clients to use Lotus Finance as an additional funding option for specific deals where we excel. Every project is taken at face value and once our team is comfortable that your deal stacks up you are well on your way to securing the funding you need.

Why should you Partner with us

As we are not from the traditional banking model as our finance is solely from private equity investment sources, this gives us an advantage on how fast and flexible we can be in the market. We are different to all our competitors as we are faster than anyone else at making funds available to our Clients when needed. Another reason for this market leading speed is that our funds are designated to Lotus solely, so we do not have to go to the international markets looking for funds on issuing indication of terms to our Clients, as funds are ready and waiting to be called. It is not uncommon from initial consultation for a Client to be in funds in just 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the due diligence process for the project. This gives our Clients first mover advantage for many deals attracting interest from numerous parties that they may not have acquired otherwise.


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We help property investors & developers in Ireland to quickly secure funding. Since 2013 Lotus Investment Group have become a market leader for property, land and construction finance in Ireland.


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