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Construction Trends For 2019

As the end of year approaches it is a good time to look towards 2019. The construction industry is still faced with the challenge of attracting skilled workers into construction jobs; however, as new advancements come into play this shift is leading to more opportunities and developments. From modular construction and great drone capabilities, to BIM technologies to name a few, 2019 promises to be a breakthrough year for the industry. Here is the Lotus Investment Group take on what to expect in 2019:

Drones – The use of drones on construction sites was impossible several years ago but drones have grown in popularity in the sector. Drones can survey a site in minutes without the hassle of man power and cost considerations. Drone technology is quickly evolving and though many construction companies declined in the early days now more and more people are accepting the efficiencies drones bring to construction sites. While they cost to purchase, construction managers are reporting them as a valuable source of intelligence.

Robotics – Robotics are already a big part of the health care industry and robot intelligence is increasing all the time. Though robots have a high cost it is thought they will become construction workers ‘super power’ as the months and years pass. Robots will have developed skills and abilities to complete tasks in most areas of construction projects.

Cloud and mobile technology – Cloud based technology is a game changer for the construction industry as it allows for information to be shared instantly. It is a cost-effective tool and once users have an internet connection, they have access to everything they need.

BIM – BIM remains to be a hot topic in the world of construction and it continues to be listed as one of the construction trends to watch. BIM is changing the way construction projects are designed, managed and developed. With several levels of programming allowed through BIM including 4D and 5D. The accuracy and attention to detail BIM can offer to the building process is game changing to the construction industry. It allows for important information to be shared and therefore, it delivers projects more affordably and efficiently. From a safety point of view, BIM functions as a protective measure and encourages a safe working environment.

Modular construction – Though Ireland is still behind in terms of modular housing and projects, it is going to grow in the next year and more. Modular construction is gathering attention but still has some question marks over its delivery and sustainability. The benefits of modular housing are incredible including faster delivery of projects, cost efficiency and modular is more environmentally friendly too. The work occurs in a factory which is a much more controlled environment than the outdoors so there is less of a risk of environmental hazards. Furthermore, the weather usually holds up projects and developments but with modular style construction there are no such worries.

Wearable technology – One of the major issues all construction companies are challenged with is keeping their construction teams safe. Though most wearable technology was not created to be a safety device in construction, Fitbits and 3D glasses can help keep communication open with team members on the ground. This technology can track the wearers position and location too which is vital in emergency situations.

As always, we would be interested to hear your take on industry trends.

Ian Lawlor
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Director / Business Development
Lotus Investment Group